Saturday, 13 October 2012

Headlites and wheels

Motorcycle rider pulls into a diner in upstate N.Y. Seats himself and asks the waitress for 2 headlites and 2 wheels. The waitress who had just worked all night wasn't in a good mood said what are you talking about? The rider already tired ,but happy to relax at the diner said" Just tell the cook he'll know what I mean but the expression 2 headlights and 2 wheels. By this time the waitress is pissed and yells back at the old cook, "I got this weird one out here who thinks you'll know what he wants if he orders 2 headlites and 2 wheels". Yeah I know what he wants, Yells the cook, He wants 2 eggs sunny side up and 2 pancakes. No problem . Well this just pisses off the waitress even more than before. SO, just be the breakfast is served to the rider, she walks up with a big plate of chili beans and slams them down on the table. "Here" she yells for all to hear, " here's you chili! But, the rider who didn't order the chili answers back What is this for? The waitress is ready for this yells back" I thought you would want to gas up before you took off"

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