Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jedi Waterslide

• My fear is real as I study the drop
It took me an eon to get to the top
My hair and swimsuit still drip from the last ride
I wouldn't concede without dad by my side
We made it a game so I wouldn't have doubt
The Jedis are counting on me to help out
Darth Vader, the Emperor, and storm troopers fight
Only my courage will end this dark plight
I take a deep breath to dispell all my nerves
It doesn't relax, but the purpose it serves
With eyes shut tight I rush down the slide
It's amazingly long, but not very wide
I think I'm home free as my fear turns to glee
Half the way down, Dad is yelling to me
I think all the worst that could happen is through
Until Dad's words reach me,
"May the shorts be with you!"
by Layton Campbell

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